Art as a Mirror of Fate and photograph of desire.

by Jacopo Feliciani
We attended the presentation of the 2.000 artists for “La Fiera Letteraria”, an event of Expo 2015, the awarding of the Spoleto Prize 2015 and now Spoleto Art Expo 2015, which opens this year with

Mirror of Fate

the theme “Art at the Palace”. The project this year is a itinerary tour that will introduce the most beautiful historic buildings of Spoleto, because culture is also and above all the architecture. This give us best opportunity to discover the contemporary in the most exclusive places… Because Art is essentially love for beauty. We find ourselves in the size of the mystical union vasl where qalb, the heart, is in union with aql, the mind. That dimension in which love of bi-del, the beloved, it is in the size of saheb-del, the master of the heart. Here it is intended to represent the relationship between artist and observer. This said with sign language, the painting of an authentic Accademic artist, gallerist and friend Negar Gharibi, with special reference to the history of civilization, based in Tehran, which lets you know the most intimate secrets of the most traditional view reflected in ayene-ye del, the mirror of the heart.
As anticipation highlight for Spoleto Festival Art, the Prof. Gian Paolo Berto promises to present four generations of the School of Via di Ripetta, academics and professors who have taught in the best Art and traced the essential lines of the visual arts since the beginning of the century, passing for the years ’30, ’60, ’80 and ending with the Contemporary closer. A succession academic really impressive. Unmissable!
The personal expo in the Chiostro of Ennio Calabria must project the viewer directly into the dimension of the experience of the mystery and the occult, translated into lines and in glimpses distressing diluted in bright and vivid colors of a true Master of visual art.
Awaiting the imminent Literary Fair that will be remembered 13 December 2015 in the best important anniversary, to be reported for the section Literature-Theatre a special reading of “Speaking for peace” by journalist Alfonso Button, a tribute, in music, acting, painting , video, the most significant speeches dedicated to “peace” of Luca Filipponi (Sept. 27 2015 Caffè letterario of Palazzo Mauri 17.00h).
The collaboration with Master Valerio Giuffre known for the first static canvas and for its shared philosophical reversal. Great expectations for its latest volume of philosophy that follows the “Antigenesi”.
Follow the collective reagale expo by Baroness Soares with the usual surprises and novelties.
Butterflies dream of surrealist master Luca Alinari opening of the Artist as a symbol of freedom and hope for a different and better future.

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