Blood Moon.

Total Lunar Eclipse – April 4th 2015 —

After Panstarrs C / 2011 L4: last year Easter Comet, on 4 April 2015, at 11: 00-17: 00 Earth will interpose between Sun and Moon.

La Luna Gigante di maggio 2012
Moon 2012 – Archive photo

Total Lunar Eclipse or “Blood Moon” will be visible in North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia.
The Moon will be totally eclipsed for 5 minutes. The show will last for 3 hours and 30 mins.

In Europe we have a total eclipse -Plunilunio- but will be visible only with telescopes because it will fall in full sunlight.
The Moon will move in the shadows projected on its surface by the interposition of the earth to the sun, and the earth’s atmosphere will give a reddish color, the atmospheric density terrestrial frequencies will withhold from green to purple and will pass the red.
The phenomenon can be observed in the stream at the following links:
Nasa channel;
Virtual telescope.
Next lunar eclipse will be next September 28th, 2015.

Basic safety rules: it is not too much dangerous for the naked eye, although it is always advisable to be alert when using lenses or magnification systems.

To take the pictures of the ‘Red Moon’ indicates a normal astrophotography with projection eyepiece adapter connected directly on camera, jumping optics to achieve less distortion of picture.
There are particular dangers to the machine and photographer, even if it is good practice to pay attention. Shooting time for the shooting of the Moon is not too significant a phenomenon being slow evolution.
The indications for analog photography are the same as for the digital age.
For the analog film is recommended with the sensitivity of 100 Asa, while the digital is recommended to use various sensitivity so evaluated successively screen and select the best.
In principle, the exposure values ​​are the following: Iso 100 Aperture F8 exposure time of 1/250.
Using the camera’s exposure meter is recommended to underexpose by one or two stops, and still make sure that the lighter areas are never burned. It ‘better to raise the values ​​Iso to get a photo with less bold contrasts.
For lovers of Selfie you can also take the Red Moon by mobile phone or smartphone by purchasing an adapter astronomical. Even for compact that have the option to manual mode and the adapter astronomical you follow the advice given to the SLR (although the quality will surely be lower given the size limitations of the sensors).

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