Calendars of the Miss history.

The calendar is a paper-based organizer that accompanies us throughout the entire year. Next to the main function is to remember the dates, parties, commitments and organize ours lives, that of auspicious beauty accessory function is not less important.

Alcuni aggiustamenti per Miss Europe Continental
Fast make-up for Miss Europe Continental

The traditional calendar format more practical is what divides the year into 12 months contemplating weeks, days and holidays, moon phases, Saint of the day, day number, week number. Over time to embellish and apotropaic purpose associated to these useful information, images and text we can talk of miniature, for each month.

In tracing the history of the calendar we should remember the following events.
The referenced calendar to the Gregorian calendar (1582) by Pope Gregory XIII (1502-1585) adopting the solar calendar by Julius Caesar (referred to the Egyptian) of making important adjustments.

From 1761 in Foligno (Italy) was created in single sheet, Blackbeard’s Almanac (also living), a sort of illustrated calendar that contained studies, measurements and observations, Sun, Moon, lunations, eclipses, weather forecasts, recipes, crop art.

Miss calendar history.

But how we arrive to Calendar of Miss? Take back the history of this type of calendar is a little trace the history of feminine independence since women took to riding bicycles (1800) and wear pants.

Thomas Murphy and Edmond Osborne were the first in the us to design the first calendar with advertisements under the images (1889). The ingenious design was inspired by the fact that the calendars provide a full year of advertising. The first calendar contained the image of George Washington. He didn’t have much success so in 1903 they had the idea to put the image of a beautiful girl naming “Cosette”.

After some early illustrations depicting the woman in fashion (Life magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Vanity Fair), it was the turn of the roaring 20 ‘s women overtook men in its tasks and defects due to the remoteness of the war men. With the Second woman was portrayed as calendars in order to yield in belligerence. At the end of the war it was realised that the sexy could become a business then Madison Avenue (road of the most prestigious ad agencies in NY) applied the concept. Later it was created Playboy magazine that will give within a refined decency the most of emancipation to women although criticism is divided by the role of the female body that represents a further mockery to his damage becoming female subject …

The use of miss calendar or sexy as advertising gadgets illustrated with pictures of Pin-up, it is a tribute to American companies as its clients.

In Italy, this tradition began in 1963 with the Pirelli Calendar in 1964 as Italian subsidiary idea of inglese branch. The Pirelli Calendar is probably the best known and most prestigious because over the years he has amassed a number of professional photographers and models of maximum professionalism.

This initiative was followed by other industry with rivistef For men, Playboy, Max (2000). These are followed by calendars Panorama and Capital (2003). These calendars are also added to the calendars of some stars and models, which raged throughout the years.

October is the perfect month for photography calendars for the new year to begin. It’s an ideal climate for the shooting. We have seen a team of professionals for the realization of shooting: Miss Europe Continental calendar.

Miss Europe Continental

is an international beauty pageant founded in 2013 and implemented by a team of professionals with the aim of enhancing various cultures and Nations combining Italian and European female charm. Next to the selection of a miss, elected as European beauty care a year, for Miss Europe Continental, is engaged in creating a calendar for the miss.

2013 Serena Petralia (Messina 1997) 2014 Calendar
2014 Nicole Di Mario (Rome 1996) 2015 Calendar
2015 Lindita Idrizi (Elbasan-Albania 1996) 2016 Calendar

As the city of Spoleto, Umbria (Italy) this year has seen the creation of this editorial product with Luigi Saggese, whose extensive resume decades saw as a photographer for the most important beauty contest, and the reigning Miss Europe model Continental 2015 the 18-year-old Idrizi Avtar.

Il confronto Fotografo-Modella
Photographer-Model cooperation…

Shooting Portrait for the calendar.

The realization of photo and video shoots for the calendar include the usual Portrait Kit that kind goes reconsidered for the enhancement of the environment surrounding (larger reflectors and lights flash, shorter lenses). Actually the schedule for this year is a very original idea that wants to enhance not only the beauty but also the female European locations. Then the calendar in question is not limited to emule of other of the same kind but takes a significant step forward for a valuable cultural interest. Also very important is to have a dynamic portrait photography. We have seen the distinguished Saggese: “highlight your curves… well this pose, I want you get it in motion …”. So well-researched poses obtained with natural movement. All under the eyes of the Patron Alberto Cerqua and Artistic Director Steven Giuseppe Torrisi that on advice of the manager for Umbria Elisabetta Federici have coordinated all phases of implementation.

Make-up maker, photographers, hairdressers, make-up artists, hair stylists and fashion designers of great level have complemented with a huge detail and refinement the model Lindita Idrizi, selected from over 200 girls in many countries, the implementation of 12 frames for the calendar which has a circulation of some thousand copies and will be distributed throughout Europe.

Miss Europe Continental 2015: Lindita Idrizi
Miss Europe Continental 2015: Lindita Idrizi

Probably the national final of Miss Continental Europe will always 2016 in Spoleto and the Organization promises to hire a team of professionals and collaborators, to enhance local skills.

Umbria agent Elisabetta Events Team of Elisabetta Federici-email:

Miss Europe Continental – Via F. Kafka, 9 – Tel: +39.06/6689221 –  e-mail: – 00143 Roma (Italia)

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