High class style of Kashan Expo.

First woman gallerist in Kashan.

Persian style in Art Expo
Persian style in Art Expo


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We are located in Kashan (Persia), after the stopover at the airport of the capital Tehran. You arrive in Kashan by taxi or bus for tourists (South Terminal) about 3 hours journey(245km) to the south or by plane, which takes us into the heart of the archaeological, social and historical not only Iran but also the civilized world. Kashan has a date for social gathering that dates back 8.500 years ago. Yes, you read that right, almost nine millennia. This is not mere discoveries fossil animals or brutal ornaments of hunting economies, we face urban artifacts, architectural, intellectual and artistic claiming a social and cultural (architectural elements, ceramic processing, painting, etc.). This lead us on a journey at the dawn of culture and social commitment aggregative constructive. This is testified by the archaeological site of Tape Sialk a city formed close to the River Zandayeh according to the Theory of prehistoric Zāyandé-Rud Civilization.

Tape Sialk
Tape Sialk

The City of Kashan, with a population of 350,000 inhabitants, 1600mt RSL, contains countless architectural, archaeological, natural, monumental. It’s recommended to visit in the period from autumn to spring because the summer is very hot, depending on the location next to equator. * (1)
Contrary to the western tourist is accustomed and forced to think, Iran is a completely safe country and people have best kindness and education. With the agreements reached and the end of the embargo, the country is opening up to the rest of the world. The visas for incoming tourism have increased significantly with a very high demand especially by Chinese travelers. Important premise because Iran is far safer than any European or Usa city in spite of the anti-Islam campaign that we are accustomed to hearing in the West. Kashan is an highly tourist and international city.

Let’s speak about appointments with Art, two high class painting expo entitled “Art for sale” and “From yesterday till today”. 2 collective of artists with substantially different goals both designed by the iranian brilliant and young academy Gallery and ArtistNegar Gharibi. Native of Kashan she studied in the best Academies of Fine Arts in Tehran, city where he lived for about 12 years as an assistant attending galleries and maturing with practice and personal expo, painting activities. What makes pride artistic activity Negar is his work as an assistant of the well-known gallerist and painter Massoumeh Noushin Seyhoun (1934-2010), one of the very few prominent female figures of Art in Iran * (2). Negar is inspired to her model of Art dimension.

“Art for sale” is an event suited for paintings sale. Expo in located in the best prestigious spaces of the House of Artists of Kashan. There, in Taj House, you have chance to breathe the climax of the most artistic of the ancient Persia and establish a comparison with the contemporary. A very careful selection of artists with different techniques from acrylic design, through oil, graphics and miniature subjects from landscape to portrait, abstract and very fresh techniques that lead into a grin metaphysical world but with colors heavily loaded and turned on. Iranian artists are very careful to Western techniques and trends. But very attached to the past between thumbnail and Saqqakhaneh, showing the true culture, that of the exchange, the way to expands the palette and the ability of the stroke. To top it all, the great conception of bringing schools and visitors to the exhibition has helped the business. Much interest from foreign tourists (particularry german) who have bought up especially of unique designs.

“From yesterday till today”.
First collective of painters of the city of Kashan (Iran), the portrait of the Masters for the last 3 decades.
It is the exposure of a creamed selection of art works by local artists, all of Kashan that has as its exclusive subject the “portrait”. This Expo took place in the magnificent Ameri house and Manocheri house majesty architecture.
This second expo is very different from the first, more properly for exhibition purposes. It provides the opportunity for discussion and growth for local artists, with the ability to do group and create trend and a painting movement.
The figurative is not a simple matter, especially the portrait that pose limit to the artist possibilities. The test shall be presented works from thirty years back until today, where you can see the evolution in taste, style, approach, technique. What you can see for example the comparison of the portrait in pencil with precise technique and fresh artist Farnoosh Babaei in which immortalizes the face of the younger sister sixteen years ago. Then the latest in Gharibi home a few hours before the expo, in which she portrays a face of a beautiful Persian model imprinted below the grid sheet to emphasize the role of women strength to bear the weight of heavy society. A conceptual work that expresses vivid colors to leave a door open to hope that one day we can live a world of justice. This expo has been produced in collaboration with the Department of Islamic guidance, Pine House, House Manouchehri, Ameri House Hotel and Iranartology.

What makes these interesting expo of Gharibi?
Negar will be undoubtedly remembered as the first female artist to organize the galleries in Kashan. The fact is not irrelevant because the woman in Iran lives in a state of inferiority compared to man. Respectfull with her hjab and her mantoo, she always respecte rules, Negar has arranged everything with his energy, desire, commitment and great knowledge of the sector. I have to point out that he had witnessed an absolute perfection and care for the expo in question. The locations are all of great historical importance. The spaces are designed specifically as only exhibition for art, nothing improvised, the manicured layout and grace in asking artists and visitors, the graphic designs for posters, posters and invitations .
Another important consideration is that the expo in question in addition to many visitors, attracts a very young audience, which highlights even more the cultural vocation of the country of thousand and one nights.
I can add that I will report Negar Gharibi in the coming days for an Award in Italy and to have a permanent exhibition of his works of art in the city of Spoleto. In collaboration with Duca Cultura, the gallerist is organizing his group of artists for an upcoming exhibition in Italy.

Finally I wanted to propose a critical note on criticism of painting in Iran. Having read some Iranian criticism of experts on these Expo. I found a very high international cultural preparation, something unthinkable in the Peninsula. There are references to Rumi in his quest for the divine, the Nietzsche quote: “Art is an act of pure metaphysics, the desire to change”.
…more of immense culture I think that Iran should be a lot to love man, for peace among peoples. It is not the result of chance, the social gathering was born in Persia, and the maintenance of social justice is and will still be Persian, not Western egotism.

For those who have needs and prospects for an expo in Iran, please contact the gallerist at the following link: negar.artgallery@yahoo.com Home page Instagram site at link: Negar Art Gallery or ask directly to NotitiaE email: jacopo.feliciani@fastwebnet.it


* (1) Fin Garden (1590) it is the oldest Iranian garden. Of over 2 hectares is completely enclosed by an high brick wall and 4 towers. Along with magnificent flower species it has several pools and water features.
Hammam-e Sultan Amir Ahmad (XVI century), the beauty of the Sultan Bath 1,000 sq. Consists of large rooms: Sarbineh (dressing) room octagonal Garmkhaneh (the warm bathroom) with a square plan and Khazineh (final bath room). The decoration in turquoise and gold tiles, plaster and bricks for the interior and the roof practicable consists of domes often finished with convex lenses for lighting make the bathroom experience Qasemi highly aesthetic and attractive;
The “historic homes” (now private residences hotels and museums): Tabatabei,’ameri the most prestigious;
The magnificent walls of the Ghal’eh Jalali Fort (XI century);
Kashan Bazaar 2 km between spices on the Silk Road, the caravanserais the view from the roof of the bazaar of the city is a unique experience;
Agha Bozorg mosque and madrasah school of higher studies in Islam and the Koran.
Nearby we can admire both the beauty of the Dasht-e-Kavir desert one of the best internationally, the caravanserai in the desert where the recommended route is the overnight stay to watch the sunset and dawn. Both mountains to admire the nocturnal beauty of the city lights, the stars and the deathly silence of the night or on the day the town of Niasar with its waterfalls, the cave and the mines of the precious Iranian travertine. By Niasar mineral complex are extracted the following Golden Black stones Marble, Travertine Beige, Travertine Lime, Abbas Abad Traverix. Nature offers the chance to see the rare laser, prehistoric reptile.

* (2) Seyhoun Art Gallery was founded in Tehran in 1966 is probably the longest and most important with its 1,200 paintings by artists of the best talent and level. Since 1990 a Seyhoun gallery will also feature in Los Angeles (USA) –

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