SpoletoFestivalArt Expo 2014

5th edition of Culture, Art and Passion.

Reach the fifth edition for an Expo of Contemporary Art is a very important target anniversary.
SpoletoFestivalArt is an exhibition of avant-garde and experimentation,

Spoleto Festival Art 2014
Spoleto Festival Art 2014
which has embraced the dates of previous prestigious Expo in Florence, Tuscan capital has always been a reference point for Art and Architecture. It is also the Expo southermost of the Peninsula of real interest; the South that is not single-pole, but indisputable center of the world Art.

The strength of this prestigious Expo is the continuous innovation; renewing all the years of its nature, is becoming a new event, which is followed by enormous curiosity and urge to explore the news of Culture. Exposition which has the advantage of attracting a mysterious and meticulous self-selection in the Artists more eccentric and communicative. Not being tied to a cliché and not being subject to imperative orders from above to be appreciated for the strong freedom expression without forcing. In this composition always original and true running typefaces you can perceive better news and surprises in Beauty, ultimate expression of freedom. Expo that knows no crisis because if in the first two years of activity, they were able to have a decent box office tickets, it is even able to open to the public free of charge to enjoy the art at all, by the specialists to the curious, the niche more wealthy to the less fortunate, who are often also the most sensible by Culture. The widespread distribution associated with the exclusive new art provide the synergy that make
the Spoleto Exposition a winning formula.

On an artistic level is followed by a line which, especially in recent years, tends to focusing emerging artists, even if there are a lot of very known Artists and international names. Emerging Artists are favored in the selection because they are the ones that provide greater surprise. The Artist who chooses Spoleto has talent and genius … The Spoleto Expo is sponsored directly by the intellectuality and vision without intermediaries, patrons and
jammers. The power has great interest in Arts because they understands that dictates the guidelines of the Society.

The intellectuality of the artistic view is not only the Culture that we learn from the outside world, sometimes come from the reverse road by the inner impressions of the Artist; these ways are now obsolete because the art is continuous innovation that drives human anticipating the future, for the continuing need for liberation from the oppression of man by man on the other. The art comes from suffering to fight laziness, being that challenge and surpasses himself; then we have “No ART” by Valerio Giuffrè that take by pre-Socratic philosophical intellectual, he invented the first static picture of Painting History. We have inner and angelic visions by Angela Nasone that start from the Cantico of Saint Francisco, but is constantly evolving, going to embrace experiences in the direction of the international dimension of man. That International Art rapresented by Callas canvas by Anna Sticco and anticipating future of expo for this edition and future edition the cultural unification of worlds thinking the Orient outlined by Prof.Sandro Trotti experiences with Chinese Academic, involving the prestigious Galleria Chinese Zhiyao Wang present in the first edition of the Master in “Technology and Communication Modern and Contemporary art, and prestigious selection of Chinese artist of Professor Ma Lin; and for the near future I think Medio Orient farther on a practical level but closer especially in the cultural dimension of Painting, which I imagine with the works of Negar Gh that combining old and new communication, multimedia and traditional Persian that combines geometry (man), numeric characters (divine) and arabesques (woman) made with acrylic or intimate of Mona Zohouri that follow the same stylistic current focalized especially in Fashion Fine Arts and Graphics.
But besides the new there are also constant as the participation of affectionate and accredited Art galleries such as Aion Art of Massimo Bigioni and Stefania Montori specialized in scouting artists, chic Milanese Art gallery by Baroness Soares, the machigian intellectual by Daniele Taddei, and the Association of Art Critics like Alessandra Lupo and Sonia Terzino.

Followed by traditional meeting with the great Literature that reserves big surprises. In anticipation of this edition of the very interesting partnership with the Literary Award and the Festival of Amalfi Coast of Alfonso Bottone.

The second reason of success can be ascribed by the Spoleto brand, international Capital of Art and culture for excellence, forged best international Artists.
All the international artists discoveries passed for all Spoleto, not only because of the traditional Menotti Festival but also for other very prestigious cultural institutions such as the “Teatro Lirico Sperimentale” and the “Centro Italiano Studi” for Middle Ages and even the Spoleto Festival Art provides its decisive contribution. Who comes to Spoleto, go away if not affirmed artist, at least inspired again and raised.

The Expo is the reflective moment of visual arts, literary, and now even that Photography. The starting point for the promotion the artist made of continuous multimedia communication on the most different channels, from traditional to the most innovative as the various social networks and media in development which are also the most effective systems, such as the young and innovative art.
The final moment is the attribution of the Award, Prize SpoletoFestivalArt. The Prize takes place every year in May and they are award-winning whorty artists. The Expo in September is important to make know because the most honors are suggested and often selected for the Award Spoleto.

This edition is mostly dedicated to Photography Art which is the other big news of the 2014 Spoleto Festival Art. In Italy Photography never have been greatly appreciated in the past. Now social media are spreading this new form of visual art that is becoming huge trend. Cannot resit to imitation of the last shooting with the latest model of camera or the enormous aesthetic sense of the artist that is in each of us, in the socal media. In the development of Photography in Italy also helped the shoot for Fashion, as this activity was never considered as real Art in consequence of the enormous artistic cultural heritage that we have. The attention to Photography has become, therefore, a great need popular demand.

To finish, we can not spend a few summary notes on the Master in “Technology and Communication of Modern and Contemporary Art”, which is the great news that are focused the spotlight. In the second edition of 2014 will be presented in its results in a dedicated stand inside the Cloister of St. Nicolò with the works of Artists and participants, program and membership to the third Edition 2015. A preview for the future edition 2015 focus by collaboration with a prestigious Institute in Florence. As can be seen with this series of initiatives, the Spoleto Festival is an Art event analysis results, but also a time of growth in the Culture and Civilization, although the institutions follow trend lines diametrically opposed.

Jacopo Felciani

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